Star anise extract

Star anise extract

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Product Name
 Star anise extract
 brown powder
latin name
Fructus Anisi Stellati
Health care products
 Food grade
 active ingredient
Shikimic acid
Cool Dry Place
Shelf life
2 years
 Star anise (scientific name: Illicium verum), also known as star anise (compendium of materia medica), star anise, label Angle (guangxi zhuang), star anise, star anise is a plant of the genus.Trees, to 10 to 15 m tall;Canopy tower, elliptic or conical;Bark dark gray.Twigs densely populated.Leaves alternate, irregular in the top 3-6 nearly verticillate or loosely tufted, leathery, thick leathery, pour egg form elliptic, oblanceolate or elliptic;Flowers pink to deep crimson, solitary axillary or close, anise for economic tree species.Stem 20-56 mm long, straight, aggregate fruit firmness follicles ellipsoid of 8, more was octagonal, apex obtuse or blunt tip.
1. It can be inhibition of platelet aggregation, inhibition of vein thrombosis and cerebral t hrombosis
2. It has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
3. It can be anti-bacterial, anti-tumor;
4. It also as antiviral and anticancer drug intermediates.

5. Anti-inflammation, antalgic and a media of antivirus and anti-cancer.



1. As a chemical raw material, used to convert to other chemical substances or chemical agents
2. Antibacterial anti-tumor drugs 3. Role of the cardiovascular system

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