Milk Thistle Extract silymarin 80%

Milk Thistle Extract silymarin 80%


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roduct name: Milk Thistle Extract
Latin name: Fructus Silybum Marianum
Used Part: Seed
Appearance: Light Yellow Powder


Milk Thistle Extract is extracted from the seeds of milk thistle which is of medicinal asteraceae plant. It is yellow powder or crystal powder and tastes bitter.Milk thistle extract is widely used in medicines, health products, cosmetics and foods.

Milk Thistle Extract can protect liver cells from toxic substances invasion, especially ethanol and environmental pollutants (pesticides, heavy metals, etc.) intrusion. Milk thistle extract is a strong antioxidant and can protect liver cells from being damaged by free radicals. Its effect is much more stronger than that of Vitamin E. Milk thistle extract can promote synthesis of protein, accelerate creation of new liver cells, or make damaged liver cells self-repaired. So it is called “natural liver protection drug”.


silymarin 80%

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