Rennet Chymosin powder

Rennet Chymosin powder



Product Name:  Chymosin

Appearance:White Powder

Activity : 2400IMCU/G

Specification: 2000u/g-20000u/g

CAS No.: 9001-98-3

MF: C6H12O6

Shelf Life: 2 Years


 Using of high technology of microorganism fermentation, refining the purification of solid enzymes agents, it widely applying to dairy industry, indispensable preparation in production of using enzyme method to make casein, cheese as well as pudding curd. The IMCU/g is used to detect the solid activity which can be up to 5000-15000 units. To satisfy the customer we can make higher activity

1).It allows the proteins hydrolysis energy on Kcasein, curd milk formed, promoted cheese ripening.

2).It can cut peptide keys among Phe105Met106 in Kcasein, thus condense the milk to produce cheese.


1. Microbial Cheese Rennet is an indispensable preparation for cheese production, and its output value accounts for 15.5% of the total output value of the enzyme preparation. The main source is the weaning calf gastric mucosa.
2. Microbial Cheese Rennet promotes the coagulation of raw milk and provides conditions for the discharge of whey.
3. Microbial Cheese Rennet is widely used in the manufacture of cheese and yogurt.

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