Hydrolyzed Pearl Water Soluble Pearl Powder


Hydrolyzed Pearl Water Soluble Pearl Powder

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General Information
Product Name                Water-Soluble Pearl Powder Botanical source Freshwater Pear
Extraction method          Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Items of Test                         Standard Result
Appearance                    Fine  Powder Conforms
Color                                White or yellowish Conforms
Impurity                          No impurity Conforms
Odour                              Characteristic Conforms
Taste                              Slightly Sour Conforms
Sieve analysis               NLT 50mesh 50~200mesh
Solubility                          NLT98% 99.9%(In 70-80 ℃water)
Loss on Drying                NMT10% 5.25%
Ca                                     NMT10g/ 100g 14.35
As                                      NMT0 .5mg/ kg 0.10
Cd                                   NMT0 .5mg/ kg 0.10
Pb                                     NMT0 .5mg/ kg 0.20
Hg                                   NMT0 .5mg/ kg 0.10
Total  Plate Count           NMT1000cfu/g Qualified
E. coli.                              Negative Negative
Salmonella                       Negative Negative
Shigella                           Negative Negative
S.aureus                           Negative Negative
Hemolytic streptococcus Negative Negative
Yeast& Mold                    NMT25cfu/g Conforms
Storage Store  in sealed containers and pestinfestation. at cool &  dry  place.  Protect  from light,  moisture

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