Beer Wine Yeast Powder

Beer Wine Yeast Powder

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Beer yeast powder weight loss principle
First, Beer yeast powder reduce fat intake: Beer yeast contains almost no fat and sugar, high-quality complete protein can slowly release energy, keep blood sugar stable, is a high-quality dietary fiber, can increase satiety, make people feel not hungry, prevent eating too Multi-food (starch, fat), which ensures adequate nutrition and reduces the intake of fat and calories;

Second, Beer yeast powder reduce the absorption of fat: Beer yeast is rich in a large number of high-quality dietary fiber, can absorb fat after swelling, it can carry fat drops into the gastroin-testinal tract from the stool, thereby reducing the absorption of fat;

Third, Beer yeast powder minus the body’s accumulated fat: B-rich vitamins and rare minerals in beer yeast can enhance basal metabolism and accelerate body fat and energy metabolism. After the fat cells are emptied, it is easy to refill with fat and form a rebound. The best thing about the beer yeast slimming method is that the three natural slimming elements (dietary fiber, B vitamins, yeast chromium and other trace elements) empty the fat cells and quickly fill in a comprehensive and balanced nutrition (protein, vitamins, Minerals, nucleic acids, etc.).


1. All kinds of flavoring: high grade specially fresh sauce, Oyster oil, Chicken Bouillon, cow carnosine, essence spice, all kinds of soy sauce, fermented bean curd, food vinegar and family seasoning and so on
2. Meats, aquatic product processing: Put the yeast extract into the meat food , such as the ham , the sausage , the meat stuffing and so on, and the bad smell of the meat can be covered. The yeast extract have the function of rectify the flavor and increase the savory of the meat.
3. Convenience food : such as fast-food, leisure food , frozen food , pickles , biscuits and cakes , puffed food , dairy products , all kinds of seasonings and so on;
4. Nourishing liquid : Can be confected with other nutriment to produce nutrient oral liquid.

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