Bakuchiol liquid

Bakuchiol liquid


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Psoralen, isopsoralen and 8-methoxypsoralen are photosensitive substances in Psoralea corylifolia. Therefore, UVA combined with sunshine or topical irradiation can promote the formation of skin melanin. Psoralea corylifolia can activate tyrosinase up to 44.9%. Psoralea corylifolia extract of 95% ethanol has obvious activation on tyrosinase, and tyrosinase is the key enzyme of melanin synthesis in human body. Therefore, Psoralea corylifolia can increase the speed and quantity of melanin production by increasing the activity of tyrosinase. Psoralen B can dilate blood vessels, improve local tissue nutrition, increase skin pigmentation, promote the synthesis of skin melanin, and make it sink to the subcutaneous.
Psoralea Corylifolia Extract
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Cosmetic Grade
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Function of Bakuchiol

Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial Resist hyper oxidative free radical Skin whitening and improving pigmentation after inflammation

Application of Bakuchiol
Bakuchiol has unique anti-oxidation effect , it is widely used in cosmetic products, It was included in the Europe cosmetic material list in 1998, and included in INCI list in 2009, It generally conjunctive used with other active substances as smoother and protector of skin.
Bakuchiol, in cosmetic products, as a skin conditioner, can be used in cream, Emulsion, gel, mask, cleanser, toner, shampoo, hair cream, lipstick etc.
Bakuchiol has significant effect on acne and pigmentation after acne inflammation, From the pharmacy, medicine and cosmetic perspective, we have substantial clinical data to prove bakuchiol is a acceptable good product.

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