Palmitoly Oligopeptide (cas no: 147732-56-7)


Palmitoly Oligopeptide (cas no: 147732-56-7)

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Product Description

A classification of polypeptides, the molecular weight segment is generally below 1000 Dalton, also known as small peptides, oligopeptides, oligopeptides or small molecule active peptides, generally composed of 4-10 amino acids, more than called peptides, more than 50 amino acids of polypeptides called proteins.


Absorption characteristics
1, do not need to digest, directly absorb.

2, absorption does not need to consume human energy.

3, will not increase the burden of human gastrointestinal function.

4, with priority absorption characteristics.

5, with their own energy to promote human absorption.

6, when the absorption function of the body is lost, the body is forced to absorb.

7, 100% is absorbed by the body.

8. Fast absorption. It is 129,600 seconds faster than the human body absorbs large molecular proteins and 64,800 seconds faster than the human amino acids.

9. It has the function of carrier. Other nutrients of human food can be loaded on its body and transported to human cells and tissues.

10, in the human body into a transport vehicle, the various trace elements transport to various parts of the human body.

11, with a strong diversity of activity and physiological functions.

Oligopeptides with small molecular weight can have higher skin permeability than polypeptides, and are more easily absorbed by human skin, and because the molecular weight is small to a certain extent, the biological activity has a qualitative leap. The smaller the molecular weight of the peptide, the shorter the “amino acid chain”, the easier it is to be absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Oligopeptides are widely used in the field of beauty.

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