Cumin Powder

Cumin Powder

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Cumin Powder obtained from the seeds of Cumin  Cuminum cyminum.This product will not be grown from Modified Seeds. Prior to packaging the product will be inspected and passed through magnets and metal detectors for remove ferrous metallic contamination. The product will be treated to control microbial levels.

Cumin seed has an aromatic odor and bitter taste. It is used as a condiment and is an ingredient in curry powders, seasonings of bread, cakes, and cheese. It is employed in native dishes of Central and South America. In medicine, it is used as a stimulant, carminative, stomachic and astringent. Cumin seed oil is used in perfumery and for flavoring liqueurs and cordials.

1. Fennel can effectively promote the maturation of bone marrow cells, relieve leukopenia, and increase the number of white blood cells in the body, which has a good therapeutic effect on leukopenia.
2. Fennel oil contained in fennel can stimulate the gastrointestinal nerve of the human body, increase the secretion speed of digestive fluid, promote the peristalsis of the human intestine, and effectively relieve the symptoms of stomachache, gastric distension and indigestion.
3. Fennel also has a strong antioxidant, antispasmodic effect, can relax the human body, can also play a relief of dysmenorrhea symptoms. Women can eat fennel during their periods to relieve the pain.
4. Fennel contains a lot of b vitamins, which can promote the synthesis of collagen, make the skin more delicate and firm, and whiten the skin, which has an anti-aging effect.
5. Fennel can stimulate the blood vessels of the gastrointestinal nerve and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and saliva, thus promoting the appetite.
6. Prevent osteoporosis. Fennel can reduce the number of damaged bone cells, and has a certain protective effect on human bone tissue, effectively preventing the loss of bone minerals.
7. Fennel contains active substances with strong anti-inflammatory effect, which can actively promote the growth of cancer cells and have anti-cancer effect.

1. Use as a spice
Cumin is an important spice plant. Both leaves and fruits have unique aroma. Fresh leaves after washing cut fine add salt and monosodium glutamate, sesame oil and other spices mix food, flavor, can promote appetite.
2. Used as medicine
Fennel is an important medicinal plant, and its fruit is an important traditional Chinese medicine. Its taste is pungent and warm, and it has the effect of promoting qi and relieving pain, strengthening stomach and dispersing cold.
3. Daily necessities
Fennel mainly contains volatile oil and other components, including anisole, anisone, limonene, anisaldehyde and so on. The essential oil extracted from fennel fruit and stem and leaf is widely used in toothpaste, tooth powder, soap, perfume and cosmetics.
4. Food value
There is also an edible bulb fennel, also known as dill or sweet fennel, a variety of fennel, similar in shape to fennel. The edible part is the thick fleshy bulbous stem formed by the mutual embrace at the base of the leaf sheath, with unique aroma and sweetness, which can be used for cold mixing, stir-frying, making soup and pickling, and also for filling dumplings or steamed stuffed buns.

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