Lanolin Anhydrous for Creams

Lanolin Anhydrous for Creams

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Pure Natural Cosmetic Grade CAS 8006-54-0 Lanolin Anhydrous for Creams


  • English name:Lanolin,Wool Grease
  • Specification:99%
  • Appearance:Light Yellow Half Solid Ointment




LANOLIN is an extremely effective emollient in restoring and maintaining the all important  hydration (moisture balance) of the stratum corneum, and so prevents drying and chapping of the skin. Equally important, it does not alter the skin’s normal transpiration. Lanolin has been shown to cause the water in the skin to build up to its normal level of 10-30%, by retarding without completely inhibiting trans-epidermal moisture loss. Lanolin has the unique property of absorbing twice its own weight of water. Lanolin has the physical properties of increasing adhesion to dry skin, and forming protective films on the skin. Lanolin is compatible with most fats and waxes used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical preparations. Lanolin is self emulsifying,producing very stable w/o emulsions with water and is often used in this hydrous form.


Active ingredients

LANOLIN is classified chemically as a wax, being a complex mixture of naturally occurring esters and poly-esters of 33 high molecular weight alcohols (principally sterols) and 36 fatty acids. It is 98% ester minimum, of which the fatty alcohols and fatty acids comprise an approximately 50/50 ratio.



Baby preparations,Hair Protection ,Lipsticks,Paste Shampoos,Shave Cream,Sunscreens,Burn cream, Hand Soap, Lip cream,Make-Up ,Pet Products,Hair Spray Plasticizer ,Protective Creams and Lotions.

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