Hydrolyzed keratin amino acids/BCAA

Hydrolyzed keratin amino acids/BCAA

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Product Name  Keratin amino acids
Purity  98%
Appearance white powder
Grade  Cosmetic Grade
Efficacy  skin care , UV protection , whitening, anti-aging
Shelf Life 2 Years
Packing 25kg/drum,1kg/foil Bag



Keratin amino acids; Amphoteric ionic surfactant – amino acid type, with excellent antistatic, emulsification, dispersion, penetration, wetting ability. As antistatic agent, conditioner, etc., used in the field of personal care products. Good compatibility with skin. With good anti – aging anti – aging, skin care effect.





1. The Keratin is an excellent natural moisturizing factor because of the presence of hydrophilic gene in the structure of silk. It can attach a very thin silk powder layer to the surface of skin, which can absorb or release water with the change of the temperature and humidity of skin. This has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on skin protection, preventing and curing various skin diseases caused by moisture and drying.
2. The crystalline structure of Keratin can reflect part of ultraviolet ray, and the hollows formed by the spiral structure can again absorb part of ultraviolet ray, so it will make the better sun-screening effect by using the compound of keratin powder and sun-screening agent in sunscreen products.
3. keratin Powder has a unique ability of keeping the oil, which makes it more suitable to be used in cosmetics for oily skin.
4. The structural features of  keratin Powdercan help reduce the reflected light. When being used in cosmetics in which the mica powder is taken as substrate, it can reduce the reflected light and make the skin show vivid and soft colors naturally. Compared with talcum powder and titanium  dioxide,keratin Powder has excellent air permeability, users would feel particularly smooth after applying cosmetics containing keratin Powder.


1. Skin Care: This product applied on the human skin is with the function of moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, adding nutrition,which is used fr the raw material of high quality mask,  moisturizer and  cleanser ,can also be used for shampoo and hair care products, bath liquid and so on.

2. Medicines and Health Products :

This product can improve body metabolism, immune function, inhibit cancer cells, activated cells.it has significant function in delaying the human aging,  preventing osteoporosis.

3. Food: This product can be added to bread, cakes and various snacks, improve food nutrition structure, especially for children and the elderly digestion and absorption.

4. Dairy products: This product can be widely used in milk drinks, fresh milk, yogurt and other liquid dairy products .have the function of anti-whey precipitation, emulsion stability

5. Beverages:This product can be added to a variety of beverages to make high-energy drinks, play a complementary role in the supplemental energy and body building.

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