Ferulic Acid HPLC98% CAS#1135-24-6

Ferulic Acid HPLC98% CAS#1135-24-6

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General Information
Product Name Ferulic Acid
Item Specification Result             Method
Appearance Powder Conform GJ-QCS-1008
Color White to light yellow Conform GB/T 5492-2008
Odor Characteristic Conform GB/T 5492-2008
Taste Characteristic Conform GB/T 5492-2008
Assay(Ferulic acid) >98.0% 99.56% HPLC
Particle Size (80 mesh) 100%pass 80mesh Conform GB/T 5507-2008
Moisture <2.0% 0.17% GB/T 14769-1993
Ash Content <1.5% 0.05% AOAC 942.05, 18th
Solvent Residue Eur. Pharm Conform GJ-QCS-1007
Total Heavy Metals <10 ppm Conform USP <231>, method II
As <2.0 ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
Pb <2.0 ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
Cd <0.5ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
Hg <0.5ppm Conform AOAC 986.15, 18th
Total Plate Count <1,000cfu/g Conform AOAC 990.12, 18th
Total Yeast & Mold <100cfu/g Conform FDA (BAM) Chapter 18, 8th Ed.
E. Coli Negative Negative AOAC 997.11, 18th
Salmonella Negative Negative FDA (BAM) Chapter 5, 8th Ed.
Packing and Storage Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.
Net weight: 25kg
In cool & dry place. Keep away from strong light and heat.


Product description

Ferulic acid is extracted from rice bran. It is a off-white powder, soluble in hot water, ethanol, ethyl acetate, slightly soluble in diethyl ether, and hardly soluble in benzene and petroleum ether. Ferulic acid is widely used in supplements, food preservatives and healthcare.


Ferulic acid has phenolic acid structure, is a weak acid organic acid, but also with a variety of strong antioxidants (such as resveratrol, vitamin C, etc.) synergistic tyrosinase inhibitors, can whitening antioxidant.


1.Ferulic acid powder is most commonly used in cosmetic products, such as creams, lotions, and serums. It is also used in some soaps. Many products with kojic acid are intended for use on the hands or face.

2. Ferulic acid is used in the food, health care products.

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