DHA Powder

DHA Powder

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What is DHA?
DHA, short for Docosahexaenoic Acid, is an important polyunsaturated fatty Acid for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells.

Medical research shows that, as an essential fatty acid for the growth and development of human retina and brain, DHA can promote the vision and intellectual development of infants, and has positive significance in maintaining brain function, delaying brain aging, preventing alzheimer’s disease and neurological diseases, and preventing cardiovascular diseases.A lack of DHA in the human body can cause a range of symptoms including growth retardation, infertility and mental retardation.

At present,  DHA products are mainly derived from deep-sea fish, marine microalgae and other Marine organisms, according to different sources known as fish oil DHA and algal oil DHA. And we can offer both DHA powder and oil.
Product name
DHA Powder
White to Light Yellow Powder
Light yellow oil
The 3 functions of DHA

DHA, a bonus for intelligence (powder or oil)

DHA has irreplaceable advantages in promoting the development of brain cells, the extension of nerve fibers, the increase of brain volume and the speed of information processing in the brain.

DHA, makes baby’s eyes brighter

(powder or oil)

DHA is important for the normal conduction of light stimulation to the photoreceptors in the retina of the eye, allowing the eyes to receive information from the outside world quickly to the brain, prompting children to see more clearly.

DHA, immune guard (powder/oil)

In addition to DHA in the brain and retina, DHA is also found in immune cells. The baby continues to supplement DHA, which helps stimulate the vitality of immune cells, reduce the incidence of respiratory diseases, and improve their own protection.

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