Acer truncatum bunge seed oil

Acer truncatum bunge seed oil

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Nerve acid was first discovered in the brain of sharks, also known as shark acid. Acid is a natural component of the nervous fibers major brain and nerve cells, no neurological complications acid will cause a stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, cerebral palsy, brain atrophy, memory loss, insomnia, forgetfulness and other diseases of the brain, the body’s own nerve difficult to generate acid in vitro uptake rely on the complement.

1). Acer truncatum seed oil, a new resourcefood, are vegetable oils from China’s endemic species of Acer truncatum seed processing.


2). Acer truncatum seed oil discovered an amazing substance nerve acid. It ia a double effect magical substance that can dredge repair damaged nerve fibers in the brain pathways and induce neuronal regeneration.


3). The total fatty acids of Acer truncatum seed oil up to 90%, rich in nerve acid about 5% -7%. Acer truncatum has become an important new resources of the development of nervonic acid, and it will fill the gap of  Nervonic Acid market.

100% natural acer truncatum seed oil, high quality nervonic acid/selacholeic acid100% natural acer truncatum seed oil, high quality nervonic acid/selacholeic acid


Analysis Results
Appearance(Lovbind tintometer) Yellow 5.0, Red 0.5
Odor Acer truncatum inherent odor, no objectional odor
Moisture and Volatile matter ≤0.02%
Insoluble Impurities ≤0.01%
Acid value 0.96 mgKOH/g
Peroxide value 2.1 mgKOH/g
Composition of fatty acid:
Nervonic acid       C24:1 5.2%
Palmitic acid        C16:0 3.9%
palmitoleic acid     C16:1 0.2%
Stearic acid        C18:0 1.5%
Oleic acid          C18:1 26.1%
Linoleic acid        C18:2 36.8%
Linolenic acid       C18:3 2.2%
Arachidic acid       C20:0 0.1%
Arachidonic acid     C20:1 7.8%
Peanut diene acid    C20:2 0.4%
Resurrectionlily acid  C22:0 0.4%
Erucic acid          C22:1 15.3%
Storage     Store in normal temperature.

Keep away from strong light and heat.

Shelf life    2 years when properly stored

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