Thyme extract liquid Thyme oil

Thyme extract liquid Thyme oil




Certificate of Analysis

General Information
Product Name Thyme Oil Produce Date 2023-04-24
Batch No. OT-20230424 Test Date 2023-04-25
CAS No. 8007-46-3 Expiry Date 2025-04-23
Testing Items Standard Requirements Testing Result            Single Conclusion
Appearance Colorless volatile essential oil.Yellow or dark reddish-brown in light Qualified Confirmed
Scent Strong and pleasant aroma Qualified Confirmed
Taste Durable stimulating and cooling taste Qualified Confirmed
Density (20℃/20℃) 0.915-0.935 0.918 Confirmed
Optical Rotation (20℃) -3°– 0° -2.25° Confirmed
Refractive Index(20℃) 1.4950-1.5050 1.5010 Confirmed
Solubility 1 ml sample dissolve in  2ml volume of ethanol 80%(v/v) 1 ml sample dissolve in  2ml volume of ethanol 80%(v/v) Confirmed
Water-soluble phenol test Negative Negative Confirmed
Phenol Content ≥40.0% 42.1% Confirmed
Packing and Storage Packing:175kg/drum
Store at cool and dry area.
Conclusion This product passes the qualified standard of National pharmaceutical excipents , each of indicators are in accordance with relevant regulation.

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Weight 1 kg

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