Ophiopogonis Extract

Ophiopogonis Extract




Product Name: Ophiopogonis Extract

English name: Dwarf Lilyturf Tuber

Latin name: Radix Ophiopogonis

Active ingredients: ophiopogonin

CAS NO.: 38971-41-4

Botanical used part: fruit

Appearance : brown-yellow powder


Radix Ophiopogonis is providing with nourishing the yin and moisten the lungs, strengthen the stomach and promote the production of body fluids, clearing heat in the heart and relieve irritability and sedative and boost sleeping,promotion island of langerhans cell function restores, increasing liver glycogen, reduces the function of blood sugar. Because it has function the heart, also beneficial to diabetes merge heart disease.

1.It’s a cool herb with no special taste,Chinese people has used it to reduce RE,and smooth the lung and throat.

2.it’s also used to improve the function of stomach and reduce astriction.

3.Improve the quality of sleeping.


(1). Use as plant extract raw material

(2). Use in flower tea

(2). Applied as the health powder, make into capsules or pills;

(3). Use as medicine raw material powder

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