total saponin of panax notoginseng

total saponin of panax notoginseng



Name Notoginseng Extract
Latin Name Panax notoginseng
Ingredient Notoginsenosides
Specfication  10%-80%
Test Methods  UV-VIS
Appearance Light yellow-brown Powder

Basic Info

Product Name: Panax Notoginseng Extract Notoginsenosides

Latin Name: Panax Notoginseng

Part used: Leaf

Appearance: Brown Powder

Main Ingredients: Notoginsenosides

Specification: 20:1,  Notoginsenosides 10%-80%

Function: Health Protect


Panax Notoginseng or simply Notoginseng, also known as “San Qi” or “Tian Qi”, is one of the most powerful and beneficial traditional Chinese medicine herbs known to humankind and is grown only in Yunnan province in China. I have created this lens to create awareness about the fascinating benefits of this miracle herb and also educate people about its differences from the other varieties of Ginseng family of herbs which belong to the same species “Panax” meaning “cure all”.

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