Rhizoma alismatis extract

Rhizoma alismatis extract



 Product  Description 

Product Name

 Rhizoma alismatis extract

Test Methond



brown yellow powder

Part used



10:1 5:1   20:1 




 Store in cool & dry place, Do not freeze.Keep away from strong heat and light.

Product  Function

1.Alisma Extract is also believed to have an antibacterial action that helps control infection.

2.Alisma Extract is also used to help rid the body of phlegm, to reduce feelings of abdominal

bloating, and to treat diabetes.

3.Alisma Extract can be applied externally to bruises and swellings, or taken internally to treat

kidney and urinary tract inflammations.

4.Alisma Extract is also used for kidney and urinary tract disorders, as well as to lower blood

pressure and to treat severe diarrhea.

Product  Application

(1) Pharmaceutical chemical raw materials and dietary supplement ingredients,

(2) Pesticides and plant growth regulator materials,

(3) Veterinary API and feed additives raw materials.

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