Tomato powder

Tomato powder



[English Name]: tomato powder
[Latin Name]: Solanum lycopersicum
[Extract Part]: Fruit
[Appearance]: Brownish red Powder Characteristic Odor
[Active Ingredients]: Lycopene
[CAS NO.]: 502-65-8
[Molecular Formula]: C40H56
[Molecular Weight]: 536.8726
[Specs available]: Lycopene 6%,10%,20% (HPLC)
1 It helps to slow the aging;
2 It helps to enhance ability to resist radiation;
3 It helps regulate blood fat;
4 It can improve for male infertility;

1. Scavenge free radical activity, anti-oxidation, prevent ultraviolet .
2. Promote cell growth and regeneration.
3. Inhibit prostate cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer,etc.
4. Prevent arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.

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