The fig fruit powder

The fig fruit powder



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Ficus carica is a monoecious, deciduous tree or a large shrub. Figs are one of the highest plant sources of calcium and fiber. According to USDA data for the Mission variety, dried figs are richest in fiber, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin K, relative to human needs. They have smaller amounts of many other nutrients. Figs have a laxative effect and contain many antioxidants. They are good source of flavonoids and polyphenols including gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, syringic acid, (+)-catechin, (−)-epicatechin and rutin. In one study, a 40-gram portion of dried figs (two medium size figs) produced a significant in plasma antioxidant capacity.


Low on sodium and extremely high on potassium and magnesium, figs help to control and lower blood pressure, and the dietary fiber lowers harmful cholesterol. Antioxidants present in the figs, such as vitamin C, control and inhibit the growth of free radicals, thereby preventing the build up of plaque in arteries and veins (atherosclerosis). Combined, all these nutrients, help the heart to function normally, without stressing itself.

Calcium along with potassium (which prevents calcium loss through urine), together work to promote bone density and strength. Bone fragility leads to brittleness and thinning of the bones, eventually leading to osteoporosis and/or arthritis. Calcium helps to strengthen bone, while potassium reduces calcium loss, ensuring that the body has both in adequate. Fig juice can be an excellent substitute for those suffering from milk allergies and lactose intolerance.
Diabetic and Weight Watcher’s Food: Not just the fruit, even fig leaves, help lower insulin for insulin injection dependent diabetics. The fruit, as well as a liquid extract made from fig leaves when added to diabetic meals, has help lower sugar levels in the blood. Although, high on sugar, figs have the advantage of carrying natural sugar an dietary fiber, making it one of ‘the fruits’ to consume in a weight management program.



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