Gooseberry powder

Gooseberry powder



Gooseberry extract

Black Currant Extract

Latin Name:Ribes nigrum L.
C A S No:84082-34-8
Active ingredients:Anthocyanidins
Specifications:5%, 15%, 25%
Testing method:UV
Apprearance:Fine dark purple powder
Extract solvents:Ethanol & water
Gooseberry extract Extracted from fruit of wild black currant (Ribes nigrum L.) with the highest ingredients anthocyanidins.
Gooseberry extract Lower serum cholesterol, soften the blood vessel, prevent arteriosclerosis.
Gooseberry extract Maintain eye health, promote the blood microcirculation of eye, alleviate eyestrain
Gooseberry extract Anti-oxidation, anti-aging, strengthen the body immunity;
Gooseberry extract Block the generation of nitrosamines, anti-cancer.

Gooseberry extract

Functional food and food additive

Packaging: Exterior cardboard drum lined with double-layer food-grade plastic bags.

Net Weight: 25 kg / cardboard drum.

Storage: Sealed and placed in a cool dry environment and avoid moisture, light, high temperature.

Shelf Life: two years, the attention to sealing and to avoid direct sunlight.

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Weight 1 kg